Corporate Dining in 2021:

Re-evaluating the traditional kitchen

As the world works through the slow process of easing into a post-pandemic rhythm, more companies have signaled their intentions to bring employees back into the workplace in either a full-time capacity or hybrid configuration. But it’s equally apparent that the path to reopening the office will be temporarily dynamic.

For facilities leaders and executive chefs involved in corporate kitchen operations, this all adds up to the need for massive flexibility. Reopening is made that much more challenging by the current labor shortage of kitchen staff. But bringing the corporate kitchen back doesn’t have to be daunting. In some ways, the uncertainties of the pandemic give those in charge of the corporate kitchen a welcome license to experiment – to try new things without the pressure of failure. With this new room to run, it’s the perfect opportunity to explore developing a more creative, sustainable kitchen – whether it’s sending meal kits home or automating back-of-house operations like dishwashing.

We delve into the opportunities and benefits of creating a modern, environmentally friendly corporate kitchen operation that aligns with business needs and delights the employees it serves.

In a time of flux, there’s much more latitude
to try new things
quickly, iterate, reject
what doesn’t work, and
start anew.


This white paper discusses how to...

Robot preparing sushi

Leverage Technological Advancements

Advancements in kitchen technology, specifically robotics, automation, and machine learning, impact all aspects of a corporate kitchen. Technology can support sustainability initiatives by decreasing food waste, helping employees maintain social distancing, and creating opportunities for scalability, consistency, and predictability.

Employees enjoying a meal in the workplace

Meet Employees' Sustainability Expectations

Being able to highlight a commitment to sustainability supports your company's objectives of attracting, hiring and retaining highly qualified workers at a time when talent is difficult to source. A majority of office workers say sustainable practices are a must have for companies.

Green building certifications

Get Seen As Green

A truly sustainable kitchen may support earning green status or ensuring that hard-fought environmental certifications like LEED remain protected and in place. It may be possible for corporations to earn additional LEED credits in a post-Covid era for healthy workplace improvements.